BURNiT Pellet Burners

Convert any solid fuel boiler to a pellet burning one by retro-fitting

a pellet burner from the BURNiT series.

BURNiT Pellet burner PP

BURNiT Pellet burner Pell 25

The BURNiT Pell 25 is a pellet burner for heating boilers.It burns wood pellets with diameter 6-8 mm. It ensures an efficient and low-emission combustion. Produced of high-grade stainless steel, it withstands temperatures up to 1000°С. The built-in CPU-controlled unit, automatic

cleaning system and internal auger manage the burner operation for optimum efficiency.

BURNiT PP pellet burners are designated for combustion of wood pellets of diameter 6-8 mm. Their usage contributes to a high-efficiency and environmentally clean combustion process.

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